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This blog is for people who are good at personal finance and investing (PFI).

It’s for people who are maximising their pension contributions. People who have an emergency fund. People who know the difference between a stock and a bond.

It’s for people who give personal finance advice to friends and family. People who know everything worth knowing about PFI, and continue to read about it for fun.

Let me explain

There is an eye-watering volume of material out there telling you what stuff is and how stuff works. This is incredibly useful for learning about the landscape of PFI. The steps outlined also provide you with a solid PFI structure from which to grow: get out of debt; build an emergency fund; start saving more and spending less; etc.

These resources are very very good at getting you started. But when we delve into the more complex areas of PFI, they fall short. They can’t tell you if the stock market always goes up or why you should buy a house or the best way to approach PFI. And if they try to, the explanation is logically careless and circular and statistically naive.

This blog can. It does. It already has. In fact, by probing deeper into these questions, we will see that much of the bedrock of PFI is fractured. It turns out we might need a slightly different way of doing things. 

Because we can’t afford to mess it up. We only get one shot at lifetime wealth creation; you only get one chance at Lifetime Investing.

Where should I start?

Do any of the following:

  1. Start with principles. Have a look at all the posts that are centred on principles and go from there.
  2. Start at the beginning. Work your way forward from the very first post.
  3. See what’s popular. Check out some of the most popular posts (right-hand sidebar).
  4. Go by topic. Pick the topic that most interests you and read some articles about it (right-hand sidebar).
  5. Dive in. Read the most recent post on the blog.

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